TTRDs associated with the ‘ERES1’ book

Various ‘Time-Triggered Reference Designs’ (TTRDs) can be downloaded from this page.

Used in conjunction with the first edition of the ‘The Engineering of Reliable Embedded Systems‘ book, these code examples are designed to illustrate ways in which TT software architectures can be used to support the development of a wide range of reliable embedded systems.

Conditions of Use

The public TTRDs downloaded from this website may be used without charge: [i] by universities and colleges in courses for which a degree up to and including “MSc” level (or equivalent) is awarded; [ii] in non-commercial projects carried out by individuals and hobbyists.

These public TTRDs may also be used during training courses delivered by SafeTTy Systems or by Microdevice Technologies (our Training Partner in India).

Use of these TTRDs in any form of commercial project (including training courses delivered by organisations other than SafeTTy Systems or Microdevice Technologies) or in university research projects (including PhD-level programmes and equivalent) requires purchase of an appropriate ReliabiliTTy® Technology Licence.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these licence arrangements.

ReliabiliTTy Technology Evaluation Licences

Many of our new customers purchase a low-cost ReliabiliTTy Technology Evaluation Licence (RTEL) package as a means of exploring our technology and developing their first TT design.

RTEL packages allow use of our technology – including our public TTRDs – in prototype designs.

Learn more about RTEL packages …

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Full set of ‘ERES1’ TTRDs

You can download the latest (and final) TTRDs from ‘ERES1’ here (zipped file).