Partners and other business relationships

The team at SafeTTy Systems Ltd is based in the UK.

We work with a small number of carefully-selected partners to deliver our products and services around the world.

[This page was last updated: 2021-02-19]


SafeTTy Systems and exida have today announced that they aim to deliver a comprehensive new set of qualified TT platforms and design examples in 2021-22.   

Founded in 2000 by several of the world’s top reliability and safety experts, exida is the world’s leading product certification and knowledge company specializing in automation system safety, alarm management, cybersecurity, and availability. With over 20 locations worldwide and industry-leading engineers with over 500 years of combined knowledge, exida is able to provide practical solutions to address even the most difficult design challenges.

Dr Michael J. Pont (CEO and Founder, SafeTTy Systems) comments: “We have worked with the team at exida on several successful projects in recent years using customised versions of our TT platforms.  We have found the exida team to be highly experienced and able to think ‘outside the box’ in a manner that has offered very clear benefits to our customers.  By working with exida on a new set of pre-qualified ‘SIL 2’ / ‘ASIL B’ and ‘SIL 3’ / ‘ASIL D’ platforms and design examples, we will be able to offer our customers additional support for the rapid development of cost-effective, safety-related designs based on a very wide range of microcontroller hardware.”

Dr William Goble (Managing Director and Co-Founder, exida) comments: “The customized TT platforms from SafeTTy Systems that exida has reviewed previously have highly-deterministic behavior and are comprehensively documented.  The technology that lies at the heart of these platforms was developed and refined by Dr Michael J. Pont over a period of more than 25 years, and Michael continues to play a significant role in every project that SafeTTy Systems performs.  For organizations that need to be confident about safety and demonstrate compliance with international standards, we have found the combination of a TT platform and Michael’s expertise to be highly effective.  We look forward to working with the team at SafeTTy Systems on the qualification of this comprehensive new set of platforms.”

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Swift Act LLC (Software Development and Training Partner)

Swift Act LLC operate as our Development and Training Partner.

Based in Egypt, Swift Act is an embedded products, services and training company established in 2017.

The team at Swift Act has experience in various domains including automotive and consumer electronics, and particular expertise in software development (including in TT architectures).

Dr Michael J. Pont (Founder and CEO, SafeTTy Systems) comments: “I have worked with members of the team at Swift Act since 2014; in my experience, they operate in a highly-professional manner and have in-depth knowledge of ReliabiliTTy technology. Partnering with Swift Act is a logical next step for SafeTTy Systems which will help us to meet the growing international demand for the delivery of cost-effective TT designs in sectors including electric and autonomous vehicles, industrial-control systems and medical devices.”  [10 December 2020]

Amr Ali Abdelnaby (Co-Founder, VP Services, Swift Act) comments: “It has been our pleasure to work extensively with SafeTTy Systems over the last 12 months. In this new partnership, we look forward to getting involved in a wider range of TT projects with SafeTTy Systems and to providing training to teams that wish to use TT software architectures to achieve compliance with international safety standards, such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.” [10 December 2020]

Learn more about our partnership with Swift Act …



Microdevice Technologies (Training Partner)

Microdevice Technologies operate as our Training Partner in Mumbai (India).

Founded in 2005, Microdevice Technologies is a highly-experienced training provider in the fields of embedded systems, IT and related areas. They provide their training services to professional engineers, government organisations and to schools. Since the company was formed, they have successfully trained more than 10,000 people.

The team behind Microdevice Technologies is led by Govind Gaundalkar. Govind is an experienced developer of TT software and is qualified at Level 1 on the SafeTTy Certified programme.

Learn more about our partnership with Microdevice Technologies …empty_space


Attila Gönczi (Hardware-Design Consultant)

Based in Hungary, Attila Gönczi works with SafeTTy Systems as a Hardware-Design Consultant.

Attila was responsible for the detailed design work on our DuplicaTTor® Evaluation Boards, and can provide cost-effective, fully-customised versions of these boards for ReliabiliTTy licensees.

Attila has extensive experience working on ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and related projects.empty_space


Technology Partners


SafeTTy Systems is an ARM® Partner, and a member of the ARM® Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services.


SafeTTy Systems is a member of the AdaCore Tool Partners programme.



Memberships of professional organisations


SafeTTy Systems is a Member of the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI).

SafeTTy Systems is a Subscribing Member of the British Standards Institution.