SafeTTy Solutions™ Packages

Our SafeTTy Solutions™ packages are designed to help your development team produce embedded systems that are reliable, secure and safe, in compliance (where required) with one or more international safety standards: IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO-178C, IEC 62304, IEC 60730 …

Based on state-of-the-art TT designs, each package includes a cost-effective combination of our products and services.

We provide further information about our popular SafeTTy Solutions packages on this page.

Please note that we also offer:

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What’s included in a SafeTTy Solutions Package?

ReliabiliTTy® Technology Licence

All SafeTTy Solutions packages include a ReliabiliTTy® Technology Licence (RTL).

Advanced code platforms matched to your chosen microcontroller

We provide advanced CorrelaTTor® or DuplicaTTor® code platforms in most SafeTTy Solutions packages.

We say more about these code frameworks on our Technology page and in our ERES2 book.

We can provide CorrelaTTor and DuplicaTTor platforms for any microcontroller – MCU – family (from any manufacturer), provided that he MCU has a safety manual. Please contact us for details. 

Third-party certificate demonstrating compliance with internal safety standards

We provide third-party certificates demonstrating compliance of our code platforms with international safety standards IEC 61508 or ISO 26262 with most SafeTTy Solutions packages.

Certificates demonstrating compliance with other standards can also be provided: please contact us for details.  

Comprehensive documentation

In order to demonstrate that a product is compliant with an international safety standard such as IEC 61508 or ISO 26262, organisations will typically work with an independent third-party assessor (such as exida®).  In our experience, teams generally don’t like writing the extensive documentation that is required to support such a process (and often do this rather badly, leaving significant gaps that have to be addressed by expensive and time-consuming re-submissions). 

To reduce the risk of delays and cost overruns with your project, we provide extensive documentation for our CorrelaTTor or DuplicaTTor platforms: this amounts to around 1000-1200 pages, spread over 12 documents.

  • customers using one of these platform typically follow the same structure (and re-use some of the contents) when documenting their product design for a third-party assessor;
  • by providing document templates (and in many cases document contents), we have found that we can significantly reduce the time required by our customers to prepare a case for third-party assessment (by around 6 months per product in our experience).

Training and consultancy

If your team has not previously built a TT design, we recommend that they start their first project with a brief period of training (typically based on our popular TTb course, delivered on site or online).

After this, we can provide consultancy services – if and when required – to ensure that the project progresses smoothly.

Support for third-party assessments

We can help you to have your product ‘qualified’ by third-part organisations where this is required.

Please contact us for further information about third-part assessments.



RTL0, RTL2 and RTL4 packages


We offer SafeTTy Solutions Packages in three levels: RTL0, RTL2 and RTL 4.

  • RTL0 packages are intended for use in high-reliability designs which have no safety implications;
  • RTL2 packages are intended for use in safety-related designs (e.g. IEC 61508 ‘SIL 2’, ISO 26262 ‘ASIL B’);
  • RTL4 packages are intended for use in safety-critical designs (e.g. IEC 61508 ‘SIL 3’, ISO 26262 ‘ASIL D’).



‘Fail Safe’ or ‘Fail Operational’ packages

We offer SafeTTy Solutions packages for use with both ‘Fail Safe’ and ‘Fail Operational’ designs. 

To summarise the difference:

  • a fail-safe design will shut down if a significant fault (that is, a fault that may prevent the system from continuing to operate safely) is detected during normal operation;
  • a fail-operational design will continue to operate (possibly in a ‘limp home’ or similar mode) if a significant fault is detected.

In general, fail-safe designs are simpler and easier to build.  However, fail-operational may be required in situation where simply shutting down is not an option (for example, in the case of an automotive design where failure may be detected when the vehicle is travelling at high speed).

As summarised in the table below, a DuplicaTTor platform will usually be required in fail-operational designs (along with an appropriate combination of microcontrollers – MCUs).  


Example SafeTTy Solutions™ Packages


As an example, we can provide can provide a SafeTTy Solutions ‘SIL 2’ / ‘ASIL B’ package (for use in ‘Fail Safe’ designs) with the following:

  • a royalty-free, single-product ReliabiliTTy® Technology Licence (RTL2);
  • complete code for a CorrelaTTor platform (Fail Safe) for your chosen MCU target;
  • a comprehensive documentation suite including full safety manual (approx. 1000 pages);
  • a third-party certificate demonstrating compliance of the platform with IEC 61508 or ISO 26262;
  • online training at the start of the project (full TTb course delivered ‘live’ online exclusively for your team);
  • 6 copies of the ERES2 book;
  • up to 8 hours of consultancy support per month for 12 months: delivered online, by email and by phone by Dr Michael J. Pont.

Our typical fee for the above package is £130,000 + VAT.

Numerous other packages are also available:

  • our typical fee for an equivalent single-product ‘SIL 3’ / ‘ASIL D’ (Fail Safe) package (CorrelaTTor platform) is £150,000 + VAT;
  • our typical fee for an equivalent single-product ‘SIL 3’ / ‘ASIL D’ (Fail Safe) package (DuplicaTTor platform) is £150,000 + VAT;
  • our typical fee for an equivalent multi-product ‘SIL 2’ / ‘ASIL B’ (Fail Safe) package (CorrelaTTor platform) is £250,000 + VAT;
  • our typical fee for an equivalent multi-product ‘SIL 3’ / ‘ASIL D’ (Fail Safe) package (CorrelaTTor platform) is £350,000 + VAT;
  • our typical fee for an equivalent multi-product ‘SIL 3’ / ‘ASIL D’ (Fail Safe) package (DuplicaTTor platform) is £350,000 + VAT.

Please contact us for information about Fail-Operational packages;

Please contact us for information about ‘SIL 4’ packages.empty_space

Please contact us for further information about these packages or to discuss your specific requirements. .



Fully customised packages

This page provides some examples of typical SafeTTy Solution Packages.

Every project is different. We can provide fully customised packages on request (to match your precise requirements).

Please contact us for further details.



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Quoted package fees may be subject to an additional charge to cover travel costs / travel time / accommodation costs (depending on your location).

This page simply summarises some of our available packages: a formal quotation will be provided.



Further information


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