SafeTTy Systems™

From our base in the UK Midlands, we provide support for organisations across the world that need to create software for real-time embedded systems that are safe, reliable and secure.

Our customers are typically involved in the development of automotive, industrial, medical, rail, aircraft or space systems, in compliance with ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and related international standards and guidelines. We help our customers to meet both safety and budget requirements through the use of state-of-the-art “Time-Triggered” (TT) software architectures.

TT architectures have been used for many years in industries such as aerospace and defence, because they have been found to provide the basis for safe and reliable systems. According to international safety standard IEC 61508, use of TT architectures is ‘Highly Recommended’ for systems of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 or above [IEC 61508-3: 2010, Table A.2].

  • SafeTTy Systems was founded in 2014 by a team with more than 20 years of experience working on TT software architectures.
  • Our goal was to make it much easier for organisations developing embedded systems in any sector to experience the safety, reliability and cost benefits of a TT design.
  • We began to achieve this goal with the first release of our patented ReliabiliTTy® monitoring technology in 2016.
  • Building on this foundation, we are now able to offer complete SafeTTy Solutions™ packages, supported by consultancy and training services – and some popular books.

If your organisation is having difficulty creating safe and reliable embedded systems in any sector, then we may be able to help – please contact us to arrange an initial 30-minute phone discussion (free of charge and without commitment).



Book your ‘Taster Day’ in 2018 for just £500 + VAT

Our cost-effective Taster Day programme is delivered on your company site (anywhere in the world).

Taster Days have been designed to: [i] explain how TT architectures can be used to support the engineering of safety-related embedded systems; and [ii] to allow you to determine the level of benefit that use of a TT architecture in your next project may offer for your organisation.

Our usual fee for running on-site Taster Days is £2000 + VAT.

For Taster Days booked by 31 March 2018 (where the Taster Day is delivered by the end of 2018), our fee will be reduced to just £500 + VAT.

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  • News: An expanded version of our flagship ‘TTb’ course is now available for ReliabiliTTy® licensees
  • News: We now offer a new online training option for individuals and small teams (Level 2 on the SafeTTy Certified™ programme)
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  • Blog: Got a working prototype? Learn how to use a ‘TT Wrapper‘ to achieve full compliance with ISO 26262 (up to ‘ASIL D’) in 6 months or less