SafeTTy Systems

At SafeTTy Systems, we help our customers to develop software for reliable space-based systems, automotive systems (including autonomous vehicles), industrial control systems, medical systems, railway systems, sports equipment …

We do this by developing and applying ReliabiliTTy® software platforms that make it easier to provide clear evidence that systems will meet ‘safety goals’ and comply with both local regulatory requirements and international safety standards (such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 13849, IEC 62304 and IEC 60730).

Our lightweight ReliabiliTTy platforms have minimal processing and memory requirements, and are not tied to a particular hardware platform: most of our customers achieve low unit costs by basing their products on off-the-shelf microcontrollers from a range of different semiconductor manufacturers.

Overviews of some of our recent customer projects are available.

We offer:

  • SafeTTy Solutions™ packages, where we work with our customer’s development team to deliver the product software;
  • SafeTTy Outsource™ packages, where we perform some or all of the software development activity for our customer;
  • Comprehensive design support at all project stages through our flexible consultancy service;
  • Books on ‘Time-Triggered’ (TT) software architectures;
  • Training courses on TT software architectures – and a related staff certification programme.

We are a UK company with a worldwide customer base.

ReliabiliTTy 2.0 is now available

At SafeTTy Systems, we develop ReliabiliTTy® software platforms that make it easier for our customers to provide clear evidence that their products will operate reliably, meet ‘safety goals’ and – where necessary – comply with both local regulatory requirements and international safety standards.

Since 2016, we have helped customers in a wide range of sectors – from space-based systems to sports equipment – to develop cost-effective products based on our first-generation of ReliabiliTTy technology. 

Building on this foundation, ReliabiliTTy 2.0 now provides significantly enhanced (self) monitoring capabilities.  For developers of high-reliability, safety-related and safety-critical embedded systems, we believe that the resulting platform is ‘best in class’ (that is, best in any class).

From 1 July to 31 December 2022, we are offering ReliabiliTTy 2.0 technology licences at ReliabiliTTy 1.0 prices.

Over the same period, we are offering an opportunity for organisations that have previously purchased ‘RTL 1.0’ Multi-Product Licence to upgrade to an ‘RTL 2.0’ Multi-Product Licence for a one-off fee of £50,000*. 

In both cases, the packages include a comprehensive code framework that is designed to illustrate the exceptional level of diagnostic coverage that is provided by ReliabiliTTy 2.0 technology. 

Please contact us for further details.

* Fees quoted are in UK Pounds and may be subject to VAT depending on your location. 

[1 July 2022]