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Does your organisation need to develop software for an embedded system in compliance with IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or a related international safety standard? Is your development team using ‘Time Triggered‘ (TT) architectures?

In our experience, introduction of a TT approach:

  • can help organisations embarking on their first safety-related project to reduce their costs and business risks significantly;
  • can help organisations that have previously developed embedded systems in compliance with an international standard to improve confidence in the safety and reliability of future products.

Not yet using TT architectures? Our 3-step technology-induction process may prove to be a game changer for your organisation:

  1. Learn about an effective process for engineering your systems by investing just £45.00 in a copy of ‘ERES2‘;
  2. Sign up for an on-site Taster Day to explore the benefits that a TT approach can deliver for your organisation in more detail;
  3. Purchase a cost-effective SafeTTy Solutions™ package and we will help see your first TT project through to a successful conclusion.

For further information, please browse this website or contact us.



Indian edition of ‘ERES2’ is now available

We are pleased to announce that an Indian edition of ‘ERES2‘ has now been published:

    Pont, M.J. (2017) “The Engineering of Reliable Embedded Systems: Developing firmware in compliance with IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and related functional-safety standards using Time-Triggered architectures”, (Second Edition) SafeTTy Systems. ISBN: 978-0-9930355-5-5.

The Indian edition of ‘ERES2’ is currently available from at a cost of Rs. 525 (plus delivery).

Learn more about available TT training courses in India

The contents of the Indian edition of ‘ERES2’ are identical to the contents of the corresponding international edition.



Interested in becoming our Business partner in China?

The team at SafeTTy Systems is based in the UK.

In order to support customers around the world, we work with a small number of carefully-selected partner organisations.

We are currently seeking our first Business Partner in China. This partner will work with us to help organisations in China to develop safe and reliable embedded systems using our industry-proven TT technology.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact us.



Introducing our first DuplicaTTor® Design Suite (DDS-0405)

Our first DuplicaTTor® Design Suite – DDS-0405 – is intended to facilitate the development of industrial / generic designs in compliance with IEC 61508 (at ‘SIL 3’); machinery designs in compliance with ISO 13849 (at ‘Pl e’); household goods in compliance with IEC 60730 / IEC 60335 (at ‘Class C’); medical equipment in compliance with IEC 62304 (at ‘Class C’); and automotive designs in compliance with ISO 26262 (at ‘ASIL D’).

DDS-0405 can also be used to prototype civil aircraft designs in compliance with DO-178C (up to ‘DAL A’).

Further information can be found on the DDS-0405 page.



[1] The DuplicaTTor family is primarily intended as an effective foundation for ‘SIL 3’ and equivalent designs developed in compliance with a range of international safety standards.

[2] When developing ‘SIL 4’ and equivalent designs, an heterogeneous hardware platform may be required (using two different MCUs). In these circumstances the DuplicaTTor family can be employed as an effective prototyping platform (and we can provide a custom hardware platform for your product: please refer to the DEB-0405 page for further details).

[3] Use of the DuplicaTTor family is not recommended for ‘SIL 0’ (and equivalent) designs: please refer to ‘ERES2‘ for alternative design solutions.

[4] The DuplicaTTor family can be applied when developing ‘SIL 1’ / ‘SIL 2’ (and equivalent) designs but is not usually necessary: please consider a CorrelaTTor platform (presented in ‘ERES2‘) as a cost-effective alternative.