SafeTTy Systems Ltd

From our base in the UK Midlands, we provide support for organisations across the world that need to create real-time embedded systems that are safe, reliable and secure.

Many of our customers need to achieve compliance with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO-178 and related international safety standards and guidelines. We help them to meet these requirements through the use of state-of-the-art “Time-Triggered” (TT) software architectures.

Members of our team have been involved in the creation of successful TT designs for more than two decades. Over this period, we’ve developed several highly-effective new design solutions: these have allowed our customers to obtain the benefits of a TT approach in products ranging from satellite systems to household goods.

To support our customers, we offer:

  • a series of popular books on TT systems and functional safety, including the recently-published ‘ERES2‘;
  • specialised consultancy services delivered by Dr Michael J. Pont;
  • advanced DuplicaTTor® evaluation boards and related support packages;
  • an internationally-recognised staff certification programme for developers of software for safety-related embedded systems;
  • flexible ReliabiliTTy® licences that provide cost-effective access to our patented technology;
  • introductory Taster Days that explore the benefits of TT systems (delivered on your company site);
  • fully customisable SafeTTy Solutions™ packages that help our customers to produce safety-related TT embedded systems.



Expanded suite of public TTRDs now available

Our popular ‘ERES2′ book is accompanied by a growing suite of public ‘Time-Triggered Reference Designs’ (TTRDs).

Our public TTRDs are designed to illustrate practical ways in which TT software architectures can be used to support the development of a wide range of embedded systems for which safety is a key design consideration.

The latest suite of public TTRDs was released on 6 March 2017: these can be downloaded from our new TTRD page.

These TTRDs are also discussed in our Developers’ Blog.

Further TTRDs will be released during the course of this month.



Get a 6-month SafeTTy Solutions package for half price if you book by 31 March 2017

Need to create a safety-related embedded system, up to ‘ASIL D’ / ‘SIL 3’ level or equivalent?

Our popular 6-month SafeTTy Solutions package is designed to help organisations create their first successful TT design.

This package typically takes the following form:

  • On-site delivery of our TTb course (for up to six people) in Month 1;
  • Examinations (Level 2) in the SafeTTy Certified™ programme for the participants on the above course (usually in Month 3);
  • 10 days of consultancy support (one day on your site per month; up to 8 hours of off-site support per month; delivered Month 2 to Month 6);
  • A full (permanent, royalty-free) ReliabliliTTy® licence (Product Licence, RTL4);

Our total fee for the above SafeTTy Solutions package is usually £40,000* (price quoted is in UK Pounds).

If you book by 31 March 2017, we are offering this package for just £20,000*.

We offer this package on a world-wide basis.

Need a little more time to think this through? Sign up for a Taster Day by 31 March 2017: if you then decide to take the full 6-month package, we will honour this half-price deal – and refund half the cost of your Taster Day from the package cost.**

Please contact us for further details.

*Packages must begin by 30 September 2017 to qualify for this offer. There may be an additional charge to cover travel / accommodation (depending on your location): any such charges will (of course) be discussed with you and included on your formal quotation. Fees and charges may be subject to VAT, depending on your location. **You will have 3 months from the date of your Taster Day to book the full 6-months package in order to qualify for this offer.



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