The DuplicaTTor® family from SafeTTy Systems Ltd

The DuplicaTTor® family of products is aimed primarily at organisations that wish to develop industrial / generic designs in compliance with IEC 61508 (up to ‘SIL 3’); machinery designs in compliance with ISO 13849 (up to Pl e Cat 4); household goods in compliance with IEC 60730 / IEC 60335 (up to Class C); medical equipment in compliance with IEC 62304 (up to Class C); and automotive designs in compliance with ISO 26262 (up to ASIL D).

The DuplicaTTor family can also be used to prototype civil aircraft designs in compliance with DO-178C (up to ‘DAL A’).

The current members of the DuplicaTTor family are as follows:



[1] The DuplicaTTor family is primarily intended as an effective foundation for ‘SIL 3’ and equivalent designs developed in compliance with a range of international safety standards.

[2] When developing ‘SIL 4’ and equivalent designs, an heterogeneous hardware platform may be required (using two different MCUs). In these circumstances the DuplicaTTor family can be employed as an effective prototyping platform (and we can provide a custom hardware platform for your product: please refer to the DEB-0405 page for further details).

[3] Use of the DuplicaTTor family is not recommended for ‘SIL 0’ (and equivalent) designs: please refer to ‘ERES2‘ for alternative design solutions.

[4] The DuplicaTTor family can be applied when developing ‘SIL 1’ / ‘SIL 2’ (and equivalent) designs but is not usually necessary: please consider a CorrelaTTor platform (presented in ‘ERES2‘) as a cost-effective alternative.

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