Products from SafeTTy Systems

At SafeTTy Systems Ltd, our team has particular expertise in the development of reliable, real-time embedded systems using ‘Time-Triggered‘ (TT) software architectures: we help many of our customers employ such architectures as a means of achieving compliance with international safety standards, including IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

Building on his experience in this area, one member of our team has written a number of popular books on TT systems (and related topics). A set of related ‘Time-Triggered Reference Designs’ (TTRDs) can be downloaded from our TTRD page. Used in conjunction with the ‘ERES2‘ book, these code examples illustrate ways in which TT software architectures can be used to support the development of a wide range of embedded systems for which safety is a key design consideration.

We offer a range of cost-effective ReliabiliTTy® Technology Licences (RTLs). RTLs allow use of the technology and TTRDs described in the ‘ERES2‘ book (including all technology patented by SafeTTy Systems) in sectors ranging from aerospace, automotive, medical and industrial systems through to household goods.

To support organisations that want to explore the use of TT designs in their products we have also introduced our first DuplicaTTor® Evaluation Board. Using a DEB, organisations can quickly and easily evaluate design options up to ‘SIL 3’ / ‘ASIL D’ level (and equivalent).


You may also like to consider one of our cost-effective SafeTTy Solutions™ packages. These packages provide ‘TT in a box’: that is, they include everything your development team needs as they create their first successful TT embedded system (in compliance with international safety standards where this is required). SafeTTy Solutions™ packages can be customised to meet your precise requirements: they typically include a combination of a ReliabiliTTy® Technology Licence, some books, consultancy services, training (and staff certification) services, and / or DuplicaTTor® Evaluation Boards.