DuplicaTTor® Evaluation Boards from SafeTTy Systems Ltd

When developing their first safety-related project, some Project Managers seem to think they must blow the dust off their university textbooks and follow a ‘Waterfall’ model to the letter.

In such a development model we might attempt to: [i] draw up a complete list of requirements; [ii] build the system based on these requirements; [iii] test the system based on the requirements; [iv] ship the system.

This is sometimes called a ‘Big Bang’ development process — and it rarely works for any non-trivial system.

Without a first ‘proof of concept’ prototype we may not even know that the design will work. Even if we can be sure that the design is appropriate, we may not be able to do more than ‘guesstimate’ key design parameters, such as the WCET values for tasks, or the CPU load imposed by communication between MCUs (for example).

To support organisations that want to explore the use of modern TT designs we have introduced our first DuplicaTTor® Evaluation Board (DEB).

Using a DEB, organisations can evaluate design options up to ‘SIL 3’ / ‘ASIL D’ level (and equivalent).


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Explore TT design options quickly and easily


Using a DEB, organisations can very quickly develop and assess a first ‘proof of concept’ design for their TT embedded system, using any of the public ‘Time Triggered Reference Designs’ (TTRDs) that are presented in the ERES2 book.


In addition to the use of public code examples, DEBs are supported by a set of TTRDs that have been created specifically to support the various advanced capabilities of this board.

These fully-documented DEB TTRDs illustrate the implementation of the following TT Platforms:

  • CorrelaTTor-B
  • DecomposiTTor-B
  • DuplicaTTor-B

As an example, the figure below summarises how a DuplicaTTor platform might be used in an ISO 26262 design (‘ASIL D’). This design could be evaluated quickly using a DEB.



As another example, the figure below illustrates use of two DuplicaTTor platforms as part of the control system for a Linear Accelerator (LINAC) in a radiotheraphy machine. Such a piece of equipment would be developed in compliance with IEC 60601-2-1, and related standards such as: IEC 60601-1 (the ‘base’ IEC 60601 standard); IEC 62304; and IEC 61508.


The figure below illustrates a further example. This ‘sounder’ unit forms part of an industrial alarm system. It is designed to meet IEC 61508 requirements (‘SIL 2’). It is implemented using a CorrelaTTor-B design, which can be evaluated very quickly on a DEB.



How to order your DuplicaTTor Evaluation Boards


Orders are now being accepted for DEB boards based on 2 x STMF405 MCUs.

These boards are available at a cost of £500 + VAT each (including the specialised DEB TTRDs).

DEBs can be purchased by organisations that either: [i] hold an existing (full) ReliabiliTTy licence, or [ii] join our Taster Day programme.

Please contact us for further information or to place your order.

At this time, we are restricting orders to 10 boards per customer (please contact us if you require larger quantities).

At this time, DEBs are available only to companies based in the EU.



A fully-customised PCB design based on your DEB prototype


Having used a DEB to prove your design concept, you need to know that you can produce a customised hardware design for your product quickly and in a cost-effective manner: working with our Development Partner, we can help you to achieve this.

For example:

  • we can provide DEB designs based on any MCU family that you wish to use;
  • we can add any additional features that you require to an existing DEB design
  • we can provide cut-down designs (with a minimal component count) to match CorrelaTTor, DecomposiTTor or DuplicaTTor requirements.

We believe that our designs solutions are extremely cost effective.

For example, we can make modifications to the standard DEB design (to match your precise requirements) and provide you with a complete set of Altium® Designer files (with a licence to use in production) for a fee starting at approximately £2000 + VAT (including one full day of design work to customise your board).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements (without obligation).



Restrictions on the use of DEBs

At the present time, DuplicaTTor Evaluation Boards (DEBs) are available only to business customers, for use within the EU.

DEBs are intended only for internal research and development (R&D) purposes in the company that purchases the board(s).

DEBs are not designed for (and are not suitable for) use in a product that is released to consumers in any form.

DEBs are not intended to be complete in terms of product safety or environmental measures. Specifically, as they are intended solely for business R&D purposes, DEBs do not fall within the scope of the European Union directives regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), restricted substances (RoHS), recycling (WEEE), FCC, CE or UL, and therefore may not meet the technical requirements of these directives or related directives in other parts of the world.

Purchase of a DEB requires acceptance of these usage restrictions.